Industry News: Netzsch Hosts Webinar – Learn More about Measuring Heat Flow on Insulation Materials with the Heat Flow Meter

07 May 2014

Whether for heating or cooling purposes, insulation materials must generally be in accordance with international standards. Depending upon the sample (thermal conductivity range, form, consistency, etc.) there are various testing methods with which the heat transfer properties and thus the adherence to such standards can be determined. Some of the best-suited instruments for the investigation of insulating materials are Heat Flow Meters (HFMs).

The standardized HFM measurement technique allows for the fast and dependable determination of thermal conductivity as well as of the thermal resistance of insulation materials. In this webinar, the basic principles of this measurement technique will be presented along with appropriate measuring instruments. Measurement examples will be used to clearly demonstrate the how the technique is applied to various insulation materials, such as fibers or foam insulation.

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