Industry News: Europe’s Only Trade Fair for Criminological Techniques Specialists

17 Jan 2012

March will see the only event in the whole of Europe dedicated to producers and users of criminological equipment and scientists and researchers involved in laboratory criminology. CrimeLab International Forensic Technology Fair will be held in Warsaw on 28-30 March 2012 at the MT Polska Centre in Warsaw.

The purpose of the CrimeLab International Forensic Technology Fair is to provide ideal conditions for presenting the latest achievements in criminological techniques, as well as an opportunity for establishing business contacts and sharing knowledge and experience.
For the past 14 years, representatives of companies and institutions involved in developing the most effective criminological techniques have been able to meet potential customers at the EuroLab International Trade Fair of Analitycal, Measurement and Control Technology.

“For several years, interest in conferences and workshops for experts in criminology has grown steadily, and more and more frequently, visitors to EuroLab have asked exhibitors about specialist equipment for criminological laboratory applications. So we decided to organise the CrimeLab International Forensic Technology Fair to present the latest technical solutions – for the first time in Poland, and for the first time in the whole of Europe,” says Urszula Potęga, the organiser of the EuroLab and CrimeLab fairs.

“Events such as the EuroLab and CrimeLab fairs with their side events are extremely valuable to representatives of various circles involved in the process of discovering and pursuing criminals, since they facilitate the development of universal standards applicable in investigating crime. The acceptance of such uniform standards by EU countries will make it possible in the future to establish a European Judicial Sciences Area which will improve the effectiveness of penal proceedings," says Subinspector Paweł Rybicki of the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police (CFLP).

Why a CrimeLab Fair?
The CrimeLab International Forensic Technology Fair is a specialist industry event at which producers and distributors of apparatus, equipment and instruments used in investigating the scene of a crime and in documenting, registering, securing and displaying material evidence can present their offers. In addition, the CrimeLab fair also provides an excellent opportunity to present the latest IT systems used in identification and in managing the circulation of material evidence.

Those offers are primarily addressed to representatives of specialised institutes connected with criminology, including laboratories, research institutes, forensic medicine departments and institutions such as Europol, Interpol, Frontex and Cepol. Visitors are sure to include as well toxicologists, criminological technicians, police from the criminal division and the Central Bureau of Investigation, prosecutors, court experts, representatives of detective agencies, and criminology students.

The organisers of the fair invite you to register for free online - please follow the website link