Product News: VoltIC Pro Provides a Single, Powerful System for Trace Ion Analysis

07 Sep 2012

VoltIC pro is a two-in-one system that integrates ion chromatography and voltammetry by sharing the same autosampler and software. It brings together the particular strengths of both techniques in a single, fully automated system – for virtually unlimited possibilities in trace ion analysis.

The user benefits of the fully automated VoltIC pro system are evident. Samples need to be prepared just once for comprehensive analysis by both techniques, i.e., ion chromatography and voltammetry. This saves considerable amounts of time. Moreover, results for all parameters are presented in a single database for convenient handling and evaluation.

The autosampler provides professional liquid handling for both units delivering the sample first to the ion chromatograph and immediately afterwards to the VA stand for subsequent, simultaneous analysis.
A practical example for the immediate benefits of the system is comprehensive water analysis, where VoltIC pro enables the simultaneous determination of transition metals, while ion chromatography takes care of the standard anions and cations of interest.