Industry News: Meet the Experts and Product Specialists at Pittcon 2012

05 Mar 2012

This year at Pittcon Agilent instruments will be on display at their distributors’ and partners’ booths, and Agilent applications chemists and product specialists will present papers and posters during the technical program.

They will present a number of oral sessions and posters during the week. They will also run a Symposium on March 12th titled “Use of Ionic Media in Separation Science (ACS-ANYL)” arranged by Neil Danielson, Miami University and a workshop on “Industry, Academic, and Government Responses to Emerging Food Contaminants” arranged by Randall Kevin Pegg, Florida State College at Jacksonville on March 14th.

Although Agilent are not exhibiting in person they are launching the Agilent Science and Technology Symposium (ASTS) 2012 so they can present their latest technologies. The ASTS consists of a unique online event on February 29 and a post-Pittcon road show in 16 cities across North America from late March to early June.