Industry News: Malvern Instruments to exhibit and sponsor at Society of Rheology annual meeting

04 Oct 2006

Malvern Instruments will show instruments from its range of rotational and capillary rheometers at the exhibition associated with the 78th Annual Meeting of the Society of Rheology, which takes place from 8-12 October 2006 in Portland, Maine, USA.

Also on display will be the Zetasizer Nano particle characterization system, underlining Malvern’s full range of solutions for characterizing colloids and small molecules. Emphasising the important link between particle size in atomizing sprays and the rheological properties of the same materials at high shear rate, Malvern will exhibit the highly successful Spraytec system. This year, the company is pleased to be providing delegate bags and is a co-sponsor of the conference reception.

Malvern’s diverse range of Bohlin rheometers and viscometers provides solutions for every rheology application. These range from the Gemini HRNano which offers the highest torque sensitivity of any commercial rheometer, for use with weakly structured materials; through the CVO rheometer for more routine viscoelastic characterizations, to the Visco 88 for portability of shear viscosity measurements. Bohlin rheometers are also the standard for specification grade testing DSR in the asphalt industry.

When the Rosand line of high pressure capillary rheometers are included, Malvern offers the ability to test materials from low viscous ink jet inks through to molten polymers, up to extremely high shear rates. Bohlin capillary and rotational rheometers are complementary. Together they enable characterization of many materials over a 13 decade shear rate range, providing complete fingerprints of a material’s mechanical properties.