Industry News: Luminometers and Assay Automation Solutions: Medica 08 hall 3 booth E05

31 Oct 2008

Berthold Detection Systems manufactures luminometers for virtually any chemiluminescent molecular diagnostics assay, as well as LIA, ILMA and qualitative immunoassays. In addition, several assay automation solutions are available.

ELISA 5-in-1 Workstation
The ELISA 5-in-1 Workstation combines the five basic functions to process ELISA assays in 96-well microplate format. The instrument presents true walk-away functionality, once the microplate has been placed into the loading/unloading position. The samples are fully processed according to the individual kit instructions. The results are presented by powerful data reduction software.

Microplate Assay Processors
Titertek Instruments Inc. of Huntsville AL, USA became an affiliate of Berthold Detection Systems recently. Titertek's MAP assay processors provide reliable start-to-finish automation of many liquid handling processes in 96 well and 384 well formats. The processors serve as the ideal tool for the processing of key applications in clinical diagnostics, genomics, proteomics, high throughput screening and bulk reagent distribution.