Product News: The NEW Q-Scope White Light Interferometer/SPM

23 Dec 2009

Q-View is a micro-interferometer module that has been seamlessly integrated into the Q-Scope SPM. This combination provides two synergistic technologies on a single platform. With the addition of interferometric technology to the Q-Scope SPM, Ambios is enabling the research community of AFM users. How many SPM users wish they could just take a quick large area scan to characterize their sample surface?

Q-View interferometer mode can take a 500 micron scan with nanometer resolution in a few seconds; switch to SPM mode and they can zoom in on the area of interest and image and measure in the sub-angstrom level. The interferometer mode and SPM mode both run off a new version of ScanAtomic software in real time and Q-Port Image rendering software, so the user can run two technologies on one instrument by switching from AFM Scan Head to Q-View Interferometer module. There are many great new features including multi scan stitching which can stitch together multiple images in SPM or interferometer mode, Motorized Z-stage with auto focus, and much much more.