Industry News: KNAUER Announces New AZURA® Analytical HPLC systems at analytica 2014

17 Mar 2014

KNAUER will be presenting at Analytica the new AZURA® Analytical HPLC systems which are an extension of their AZURA® product line.

AZURA® analytical HPLC systems are designed to provide versatile and reliable liquid chromatography solutions for high performance in routine analysis. KNAUER points out the wide application range of these instruments which can also be used for purification tasks at flow rates up to 50 ml/min. The modern pump technology with features such as a pulsation compensated drive, selectable constant flow/constant pressure modes, and different gradient options provides very precise eluent supply for demanding HPLC applications. With an optimized flow path and a maximum pressure of 700 bar, the AZURA Analytical HPLC systems are said to be ideally suited for high resolution separations, e.g. with modern core-shell columns. Automatic piston seal flushing and RFID pump head recognition are convenient and useful features, as are leak detection, and tubing guides.
The AZURA detection systems include the very sensitive diode array detector DAD 6.1L. A specialty of KNAUER are the fiber optic versions of flow cells, which allow remote measurements in environments where operating a UV/Vis detector is otherwise impossible.

The energy-efficient AZURA systems can be controlled by the software packages OpenLAB® CDS EZChrom Edition and ClarityChrom®. The instruments can also be equipped with an optional control unit for stand-alone operation.

Larger scale purification solutions will also be on display at Analytica, including the AZURA® Preparative HPLC which provides flow rates up to 1000 ml/min. The Vertex Plus AX preparative columns with axial compression complement these systems. More about the multi-mode process LC platform Contichrom® which recently was awarded the Berlin Brandenburg innovation prize for its purification efficiency can also be learned at the booth.

Additionally KNAUER will be presenting a live demonstration of an LC-GC coupling together with company Axel Semrau in the Live Lab, hall B2, lab bench 331. Application: mineral oil contamination in food. 

KNAUER offers customers, who want to visit the company at Analytica, a free day ticket. Please click here to register!

Analytica 2014, hall A2, booth 307