Product News: Introducing Direct Sample Analysis with the New DART®-QS Source from IonSense

17 Feb 2014

The new DART-QS Source provides a protective environment for Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) mass spectrometry of a range of materials from drugs of abuse to adulterated products, and also supports the analysis of total unknowns. Both qualitative and quantitative results can be obtained in as little as 10 seconds per sample, providing rapid feedback, and alleviating backlogs.

• Automated direct sample analysis of up to 12 samples with disposable QuickStrip™ Sample Cards
• Enclosed source minimizes environmental exposure
• DART Ionization for low noise and fewer background ions
• DART with either nitrogen or helium expanding the range of detectable compounds
• Rapid analysis for Forensics and Food Safety

Using the QuickStrip Sample Cards is simple and insures that no cross -contamination occurs. The twelve sample positions can be loaded automatically or manually, including standards for quantitation.

QuickStrips are available in packages of 50 permitting 600 measurements per box.

The DART-QS source is only available for Thermo instruments at this time.