Industry News: Invitrogen and Applied Biosystems Merge to Create Life Technologies

24 Nov 2008

The merger between Applied Biosystems and Invitrogen is now finalized, creating a global leader in biotechnology reagents and systems. Our new company will be called Life Technologies, a name that symbolizes our commitment to promoting discoveries that improve the human condition. I am confident that the combined company will create tremendous value through meaningful innovation targeted to your needs, and greater expertise to help answer your most complex challenges.

Our new company will leverage expanded capabilities in sales, customer service and technical support, to ensure that you are afforded choices for products that best suit your research needs. We will also increase our R&D efforts, and collaborate strategically with our customers and partners, to increase the pace of innovation. We look forward to providing you with cutting edge solutions for today's research, while looking to accelerate your work toward tomorrow's breakthroughs.

As we combine, let me emphasize that continuing to serve your needs at the high standard you have come to expect from us remains our top priority. To maintain that standard, there will be no change at this time to the way you conduct business with us. To ensure continuity and minimize any disruptions to your operations, we will maintain separate ordering and shipping processes. Please continue to communicate directly with your respective contacts through the existing channels for Applied Biosystems and Invitrogen products and services. We will share any changes and developments with you promptly.

Moving forward, we will maintain Invitrogen and Applied Biosystems as separate brands. Through the Invitrogen brand, we will continue to provide you with the reagents and service offerings that have consistently made us a partner of choice regardless of the platform of your choice. Soon, many of Applied Biosystems' reagents, such as Ambion products, will also be available for sale through Invitrogen channels.

Similarly, we recognize the value you place in the Applied Biosystems brand for pre-eminent instrument solutions. Therefore, Applied Biosystems will remain the channel through which those systems, such as SOLiD™, RT-PCR and mass spectrometry, will be sold. Through Applied Biosystems, you will continue to receive not only the best instrumentation available, but also certified reagents that best optimize those systems.

Thank you for continuing to be a valued customer and for your support and trust in us. For any additional information on this merger, or if you have any questions, please visit the company article webpage.