Industry News: Understand the Complete Biopharmaceutical Pipeline

13 Feb 2007

Informa’s Biopharmaceutical School - taking place at Fitzwilliam College Cambridge, UK from 16-18 April 2007 - provides a comprehensive overview of the full biopharm pipeline in just three days. Attend to learn the various discovery techniques used for large molecules - bioassay development and validation, formulation and stability testing and immunogenicity - to the procedures vital for obtaining regulatory approval and successfully marketing your biological products.

“Great overview of the biopharmaceutical sector which should be taken by any person working in it or moving on to it soon.” (Nieto, Festeve)

Benefits of Attending:
  • Make sense of biotechnological jargon
  • Explore who’s who in the industry
  • Understand all areas of the industry
  • Discover which is the best selling biologic drug and who are the biggest players
  • Find out how your role in the industry integrates with your colleagues
  • Realise how each department and division interface cross-functionally
  • Tackle the challenges that individuals, teams and departments encounter during product development

Expert Faculty
Learn from recognised experts from the most prestigious biotechnology companies - 

GlaxoSmithKline - BioIndustry Association - Avecia Biotechnology - Domantis - Cambridge Antibody Technology - Lonza Biologics - Parexel International - NIBSC - Eden BioDesign - Bird and Bird - IP Group - ERA Consulting Group - UCB

-and return to work equipped with the best methods to tackle the various challenges in this industry. Teaching you in small groups, through short seminars and interactive practical sessions, you fully understand the frequently encountered problems and be equipped to devise workable solutions.

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