Industry News: IKA® extends support to the Japanese Red Cross

04 May 2011

Refika Bilgic, Managing Director of IKA® Works Wilmington, presented a symbolic check for $30,000 to Ms. Vicki LaBelle, Executive Director, and Ms. Autum Mihm, Community Relations Officer, of the American Red Cross Cape Fear Chapter. This donation is in support of the earthquake and tsunami relief activities through the Japanese Red Cross.

The parent company, IKA®- Werke Staufen in Germany, along with its subsidiaries in China, Malaysia, India and Japan, have each contributed the equivalent of $30,000 USD to their local Red Cross organizations; altogether donating $180,000 USD.

In addition, more than $4,500 USD were donated personally by IKA® employees in sup-port of their Japanese colleagues.

“IKA® has enjoyed positive business relationships with many Japanese companies for decades. With this contribution, we would like to express the solidarity IKA® feels to-wards Japan and the people who have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami,” stated René Stiegelmann.

Japanese IKA® employees have not directly been affected by the earthquake and tsu-nami. Given the scale of the natural disaster, the colleagues in Japan have agreed to support the efforts of the Japanese Red Cross.