Product News: New BiOS System Addresses Challenges of “At Risk” Sample Libraries

11 Jan 2012

Hamilton Storage Technologies introduces BiOS – the company’s third-generation automated system designed for ultra-low temperature storage of sensitive biological samples. This flexible, scalable system ensures the integrity of 250,000 to more than 10 million sample tubes at temperatures down to -85˚C. Hamilton is already working on projects with the Netherlands Forensic Institute for crime scene trace sample storage; also a company working on a population-based study of three generations in northern provinces of The Netherlands; and a diabetes-focused biobank initiative in the Middle East.

Market reports indicate that a high percentage of currently stored biological samples are at risk. “In conventional biological storage there are warming events affecting the sample integrity,” explains Matt Hamilton, vice president for Hamilton Storage Technologies. Removing the uncertainty about storage conditions and chain-of-custody ensures that data derived from sample testing will be accurate and reliable.”

All samples within the BiOS are stored in -85°C chest freezer compartments to maintain temperature stability. All internal workflows, including sample picking, are optimized to keep samples at ultra-low temperatures at all times. System parts are easily accessible for service and maintenance. One- and two-dimension barcode reading and sample tracking produce complete chain-of-custody documentation, with software tools to support 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Multiple redundant back-up systems ensure the samples stay at -85°C, even in emergencies. The BiOS can store and process multiple labware types in the same system.

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