Industry News: Eppendorf’s ‘top dog’ awarded to a Pfizer scientist

02 Apr 2007

For the third and final time, Eppendorf awards a highly distinctive Sony AIBO (artificial intelligence robot) dog to the winner of an exclusive prize draw competition. Highlighting the intelligent motion control and innovative style of the epMotion 5070 and 5075 automated pipetting systems, the offer of a Sony AIBO robot again produced an enthusiastic response from Eppendorf customers.

The 2007 winner is Gerry James, a Principal Scientist at Pfizer whose work involves developing novel pharmaceutical compounds. He commented, ‘I was surprised and delighted to win – we’ve been using Eppendorf equipment for 19 years and this is the first time I’ve been a prize-winner! At Pfizer we use state-of-the art technology in our research into new medicines for patients so the Sony AIBO robot dog is an appropriate prize.’

Gerry James received his prize from Albrecht Wiener, Managing Director of Eppendorf UK, who said, ‘Presentation of the Sony AIBO robot has given us a fun opportunity to draw attention to key design and performance features of our automated pipetting systems. For example, epMotion 5070 and 5075 provide the ability to perform precise, reproducible and contamination-free automated pipetting at a very affordable price. An optical sensor enables recognition of tools and most pre-programmed labware, while the versatile new PC-controlled version is driven by easy-to-use epBlue software.’

epMotion 5070 and 5075 are ideally suited to PCR and qPCR set-up, as well as replication and re-array of 96 to 384-well plates. qPCR users can also benefit from the epMotion 5070’s precise pipetting of real-time reagent components for scaled-down total reaction volumes. Free-jet dispensing down to 1 µl can save up to 80 per cent on reagent costs. A choice of models is available: the four-position epMotion 5070 and three versions of a larger 12-position range including integrated thermal cycler, or vacuum system for plasmid preparation.