Product News: New EMD ReCycler™ Bulk Solvent Delivery System for Reducing Waste in Your Lab

20 Aug 2012

EMD Millipore, the Life Science division of Merck KGaA of Darmstadt, Germany, has announced the launch of the EMD ReCycler™ bulk solvent delivery system. The innovative service delivers bulk quantities of solvents and solutions in reusable containers based on customer usage. Empty containers are removed, cleaned, and refilled, reducing waste and cost. Most solvents, solvent blends, and grades that come in traditional bottles are available via the EMD ReCycler™ system. The use of the EMD ReCycler™ bulk solvent delivery system reduces exposure to solvents associated with the use of small, disposable containers.

"The EMD ReCycler™ service enables researchers to receive and dispense solvents in a more timely manner, reduce exposure to dangerous chemicals and generate significantly less waste," notes Warren Stone, vice president of sales, North America. "We are proud to offer this program that reflects our long-standing commitment to the environment and sustainability - both for EMD Millipore and our customers."

The EMD ReCycler™ service offers three container systems to address a range of customer needs. Basic container systems are suitable for most applications, ASME-certified container systems are suited for those applications requiring higher pressure or long-distance transport and Specialty EMD ReCycler™ container systems provide a unique packaging system designed for chemically challenging products such as mobile phase blends and DNA/RNA synthesis reagents.

EMD Millipore ReCycler™ Containers guarantee solvent purity and meet the needs of the scientific community by eliminating the need to dispose of large volumes of glass bottles, styrofoam packaging inserts and corrugated cartons. EMD Millipore ReCycler™ containers are available in sizes from 18.9L (5 gallon) to 1250L for the many diverse scientific applications from laboratory to small-scale manufacturing.

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