Industry News: Hamamatsu Partners with Definiens to offer a complete and fully integrated image analysis solution

15 Oct 2008

Definiens, the number one Enterprise Image Intelligence™ company, and Hamamatsu, a world-leading manufacturer of devices for the generation and measurement of infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light, today signed a partner agreement for the European market.

Under the terms of the sales and marketing agreement, Hamamatsu and Definiens will integrate Definiens image analysis platforms - Definiens Enterprise Image Intelligence Suite™ and Definiens XD including Definiens TissueMap - with Hamamatsu’s NanoZoomerÒ Digital Pathology system (NDPÒ ), a product suite for virtual microscopy. The NanoZoomerÒ scans tissue or cellular slides at remarkable speed and generates digital images with very high image quality. It creates digital slides which can be shared and viewed over a network. Definiens comprehensive image analysis platforms extract context-based information from any digital image in any dimension – be it 2D, 3D or 4D.

Definiens image analysis platforms are a perfect match to Hamamatsu’s state-of-the-art NanoZoomerÒ. The partnership will generate additional value for customers by integrating a sophisticated tissue slide scanner, capable of high throughput, sensitivity and resolution with a unique image analysis technology that emulates human cognitive processes to automatically extract intelligence from digital images.

Life science and crop science research institutes as well as the pharmaceutical industry will benefit from a complete and fully integrated image analysis solution, which is closing the loop from high-end image acquisition to high-content and high-throughput image analysis.

“By partnering with Hamamatsu we can provide our joint customers with a complete image analysis solution, which enables them to automate image analysis processes, reduce costs and make qualified decisions faster." says Manfred Voglmaier, Vice President Business Development Life Sciences at Definiens.

“Hamamatsu’s NanoZoomerÒ is a high-throughput slide scanning system with superb image quality that - in combination with Definiens powerful image analysis software - enables histologists, pharmacologists and pathologists to get more reliable and reproducible image analysis results.”, adds Dr. Erk Mennenga-Klopp, Head of the Medical Solutions Department at Hamamatsu, Germany.

Both companies will offer active marketing and sales support including training and consultancy. In addition Definiens will provide application specialists and specific algorithms (rule set) development for Hamamatsu’s customer base.