Industry News: CSols will be Exhibiting and Speaking at the British Mass Spectrometry Society Meeting 2012

02 Sep 2011

CSols is pleased to announce that it will be attending the British Mass Spectrometry Society meeting “From Atoms to Biomolecules” in Cardiff City Hall, 11th-14th September 2011. Kevin Jones from CSols will be giving a talk on Wednesday 14th September 2011 titled "Interfacing MS to Clinical LIMS/LIS systems - Understanding the Challenges".

A poster presentation will also be available to view - "Transcription free integration between ABSciex LC MS-MS instruments and the iSoft Telepath system for routine Vitamin D Analysis".
CSols can be found at Stand 45 where they will be demonstrating the LIMS Clinical LIMS/LIS Interface for LC MS-MS instruments and also working copies of the CSols Links for LIMS for interfacing different LIMS systems to Mass spectrometers of all types.

About CSols

CSols is a laboratory informatics company, formed in 1990, whose aim is to maximize your return on investment by improving the effectiveness, productivity and quality of laboratories of all types. In order to deliver those goals they’ve distilled their knowledge and expertise into a range of software products and solutions that go “Beyond the Technology” that is commonly used in today’s sophisticated laboratories.

CSols products help form a link between sophisticated instruments or laboratory information systems (LIMS) and the laboratory scientist, analyst or technician. CSols solutions help remove the tedium and error rates associated with manual transcription and so maximize the investment in the instrument itself, the reagents used as well as all the laboratory personnel.

With customers around the world in a wide variety of industry sectors and over two decades of experience, CSols is recognized as a leading supplier of laboratory integration software. CSols has a wide range of laboratory software and handheld solutions which help laboratories reduce their costs and improve both efficiencies and result quality. CSols provides software and services to help laboratories reach “Beyond the Technology” to improve efficiency and result quality.