Industry News: CryoService are Hosting a Brand New Series of Nationwide Events on Liquid Nitrogen Safety and Application Developments

04 Sep 2009

CryoService are hosting a brand new series of nationwide events on Liquid Nitrogen Safety and Application Developments, which follow on from the overwhelming success of the 2007 roadshows jointly hosted by CryoService, Chart Biomedical and Thames Cryogenics.

The 2009 roadshow series is designed to appraise people involved in biomedical-related applications of new developments and current industry best practise regarding the safe use of Liquid Nitrogen, developments in cryopreservation and safety considerations for new and existing cryoroom facilities. This will include presentations from companies such as Crowcon Detection Instruments, Chart Biomedical, Gas Safe Consultants and Fisher BioServices UK.

The roadshows will provide a relaxed but educational forum where new and experienced users alike can not only gain information on current best practice but also have the opportunity to interact with industry experts in the fields of cryogenics, safety assessment, gas detection and cryopreservation.