Real-time Kinase Activity Profiling Platform

19 Apr 2012
Cronus Technologies Ltd. has announced an exclusive distribution agreement with PamGene International B.V. Cronus will market PamGene’s leading edge technologies in the UK and Ireland.

Under the agreement Cronus has responsibility for sales and marketing of the PamStation®12, and the PamChip® microarrays in the UK and Ireland.

The PamStation®12 is a fully automated instrument designed for processing PamChip® microarrays. It includes advanced software for data analysis, sharing and storage.

The technology provides real-time measurement of peptide phosphorylation by protein kinases, in any sample type applied to the PamChip. This enables researchers to analyze kinase activity rather than presence, which is crucial to elucidate new signal transduction pathways, develop novel drug targets, and test kinase inhibitors. In addition, the technology is used to develop diagnostic algorithms for patient prognosis, as well as predicting response to treatment strategies.

Cronus Sales Manager Douglas Taylor states: “The PamGene technology will allow researchers to far more rapidly unravel the complexities of intracellular signaling using semi crude lysates, but now in a high through-put format. Combined with a very powerful bioinformatics package the technology will be a force multiplier in the fields of biomarker discovery, oncology research and personalized medicine”.

Tim Kievits, managing Director of PamGene comments: “We are very pleased to collaborate with Cronus Technologies in the UK and Ireland, which are key markets in cell biological and oncological research. Cronus has substantial experience in launching innovative technologies in these fields, and provides great scientific and technical support to their customers. This will allow us to expand the network of PamGene users, and develop more applications of our unique technology.”

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