Industry News: Clean Your Pipette Tips with Ease

Grenova's offline tip washing solutions allow you to maximize your production throughput while increasing your profitability.

22 Aug 2017

Whether your laboratory uses one rack of pipette tips daily or dozens, Grenova has proven technology that maintains maximum throughput. After implementing TipNovus to their production workflow, customers have experienced savings up to $168 per hour.

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TipNovus™ is a bench-top, automated, high-throughput washing device that enables labs to wash and sanitize contaminated pipette tips in large quantities for reuse. TipNovus offers labs a choice to reuse plastic pipette tips several times, cutting associated consumable costs anywhere from 50-90%. TipNovus’ unique method of wash and sanitation is safe for both the user and the environment.

  • Compatible with Manual and Automation Tips
  • Average Cost Savings of $112-$168 per Hour
  • High Throughput Automated Tip Washer
  • System Throughput of 16-24 Tip Racks per Hour
Grenova Tip Carrier

The Grenova Tip Carrier answers the question of where to store used tips after transfer:

  • Reduces contamination risk of re-racked used tips ready for the wash
  • Designed to integrate with the liquid handlers
  • Holds up to 5 racks of tips

" Before implementing the TipNovus instruments we were on track to spend $525k annually on Hamilton tips.  We have successfully realized over $500k in savings over the past year."
      - Large Clinical Laboratory, SouthEastern USA