Industry News: Cutting-Edge Imaging Technologies & Strategies in Pre-Clinical Small Animal Research

12 Apr 2012

Today, cutting edge non-invasive multimodal imaging technologies and strategies are indispensable in preclinical small animal research. With the introduction of advanced multimodal imaging platforms and novel probes, researchers are now able to combine data sets across imaging technologies easier and faster than ever before. This enables them to better quantify and understand the mechanisms of disease progression at the tissue and cellular level, and ultimately, advances the discovery and development of new biomarkers, drugs and therapeutics.

In this half day seminar you can explore the work of independent research scientists from various universities who specialize in small animal research using high resolution optical/X-ray, nuclear and/or CT systems. They will discuss the role and importance of using diverse imaging modalities within their research, including fusion techniques and strategies, to simultaneously study biodistribution and efficacy of therapeutic candidates, new probe development and validation, as well as designing target-specific theragnostics and monitoring therapeutic efficacy in real time.

In addition, a presentation by scientists from Carestream Molecular Imaging will highlight recent advances in novel PET and SPECT detector technologies, multimodal in vitro and ex vivo techniques, and a new platform architecture that combines high resolution optical (luminescence, fluorescence, radioisotopic) and X-ray imaging modalities in one system, along with unprecedented system configuration flexibility.

This seminar is free, but seating is limited. Register today via the following links.

Tuesday, April 24 - Chicago, IL - Learn more here
Wednesday, April 25 - Ann Arbor, MI - Learn more here
Wednesday, May 30 - Bethesda, MD - Learn more here
Thursday, May 31 - Philadelphia, PA - Learn more here