Industry News: PEPTALK 2009

15 Oct 2008


Formulating Biologics: Meeting the Challenges

Lyophilization 2009
Strategies for Successful Formulation, Cycle Development and Optimization, Regulatory Compliance, Validation, and Scale Up
January 12-14

Current Trends in Dosage Form Development and Biologics Formulation
Addressing Challenges in Stability Testing, Forced Degradation, Protein Aggregation and Manufacturing
January 15-16


Processes to Optimize
Protein Purification & Recovery
January 12-14

Protein Production
Scaling Up & Manufacturing
January 14-16

Designing Antibody & Protein Therapeutics

Protein Therapeutics
Meeting the Challenge of DELIVERY,
January 12-14

Implementing The Next Generation Of Antibodies
Capturing the Competitive Edge
January 14-16

Protein Science & Technology: Discovery, Expression & Diagnostics

Protein Expression
January 12-14

PROTEIN Diagnostic Development ARRAYS of Possibilities
January 15-16