Industry News: Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference Announces 2010 Keynote Speakers

05 Nov 2009

Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference has announced the three keynote speakers for its Seventeenth Annual Conference, to be held in San Francisco this winter (Feb. 3-5). The keynote speakers will be John Crowley, Novazyme Pharmaceuticals; Gary W. Small, M.D., UCLA Center on Aging; and Paul J.H. Schoemaker, Ph.D., M.B.A., Wharton School of Business.

John Crowley is the founder of Novazyme Pharmaceuticals. Mr. Crowley’s presentation will focus on his personal struggle to find a cure for Pompe disease, a rare and fatal illness that is caused by a defective or missing enzyme. Mr. Crowley, a Harvard educated businessman, created and built a pharmaceutical company devoted expressly to finding a cure for the disease. He will detail his journey through the labyrinth of scientific and business fronts, which lead up to a first-round clinical trial. Crowley will speak on Wednesday morning, February 3, 2010.

Gary Small is the Director of the UCLA Center on Aging and one of the world's leading physician/scientists in the fields of memory and longevity. He has developed breakthrough brain-imaging technology that allows physicians to detect brain aging and Alzheimer's disease years before patients show symptoms. Dr. Gary Small's latest book addresses how the constant use of Blackberrys, iPods, text-messaging and video games has altered our lives and our brains. Small will speak on Wednesday morning, February 3, 2010.

Paul J.H. Schoemaker is Chairman and CEO for Decision Strategies International and
Adjunct Professor, Wharton School of Business. A renowned thought leader in the fields of strategy and decision making, he is an entrepreneur in both the business and the philanthropic sectors, and advisor to leading companies and non-profits around the world. New business opportunities and challenges in the field of diagnostics will be explored. This talk will review the deeper forces shaping the future of the biosciences and the stresses they will introduce for existing business models and healthcare. Bio-convergence may create entirely new industries on a scale larger than the computer revolution has to date. Several broad scenarios will be painted for the state of the biosciences in 2025 and the forces that might take us there, summarizing a multi-year strategy study conducted at the Wharton school. Schoemaker will deliver a Plenary Keynote on Thursday afternoon, February 4, 2010.