Product News: Modular and Flexible: Bosch Presents New CUT 1405 Cartoning Machine

19 Feb 2014

At Interpack 2014, Bosch Packaging Technology, a leading supplier of process and packaging technology, will present the new CUT 1405 cartoning machine – a consistent advancement of the CUT 120 which has proven successful for many years. The new horizontal cartooning machine offers higher flexibility as well as the latest servo and safety technology at reduced costs. “With the new CUT 1405, we are demonstrating our expertise in the area of secondary packaging,” explains Daniel Sanwald, product manager at Bosch Packaging Technology. “As with all our cartoning machines, this new development is based on standard modules that can be flexibly combined, depending on product and packaging type. At the same time, line suitability is granted.”

High flexibility for various products

The new CUT 1405 is characterized by a flexible choice for the appropriate in-feed systems, formats and closure options. It can safely and gently handle different carton sizes and packages a wide variety of primary packaging such as bottles, vials, syringes, ampoules, tubes, blisters and trays as well as bags, stick packs and sachets in folding cartons. Inserts to single and combination products such as spoons or outserts can also be integrated into the modular in-feed system. With its quickly exchangeable modules for tuck-in, glue and combination closures, the machine can be flexibly used for various products and line combinations. In addition to pharmaceuticals, the new CUT 1405 is also especially suitable for the packaging of cosmetic and food products.

New in-feed modules and optimized conveyor technology

The intermittent cartoner can be equipped with diverse in-feed systems, ensuring maximum flexibility for customized line concepts as well as the packaging of different products and product combinations. The CUT 1405 further features an optimized conveyor technology of the folding carton magazine. To prevent the cartons from getting caught, they are transported into the magazine by a lifting motion of the rake. Thanks to the patented folding carton carrier, the individual cartons maintain their shape as the intermittent transport system moves them through the machine. This prevents damage to the product and ensures precise packaging results.

A mechanical gripper arm carries out leaflet in-feed, which is directly assigned to each product. A shift register checks and follows all products, to ensure that leaflets are only processed further if the outcome of all test results is positive. “This technology has been successful for over ten years and was further optimized for the CUT 1405,” says Daniel Sanwald. Thanks to excellent accessibility, the folder unit can be conveniently operated from the front and, if required, also swivelled out.

Minimum maintenance effort, maximum safety

With less hardware components in the control cabin, the new servo technology reduces the need for maintenance while the HMI (Human Machine Interface) allows for easy handling. The operator can quickly localize machine disorders via error messages and resolve them using the automatic troubleshooting guide. All format data is individually stored, enabling easy and quick format changeovers and a safe re-start of the machine. With its wide choice of in-feed systems, the new Bosch cartooning machine can be flexibly adapted for all packaging formats for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. Optional serialization, aggregation and tamper-evident modules ensure additional safety, taking into account current guidelines and safety standards.

“The new development is based on the established and proven technology of our CUT 120 horizontal cartoning machine which we have upgraded with the latest state-of-the-art sensor, software, servo and safety technology as well as other features, leading to significant cost reductions for our customers,” Daniel Sanwald concludes.

Bosch’s technologies will be on display at Interpack 2014, Duesseldorf, Germany, from May 8 to 14, booth A31-C58.