Industry News: Vaccine Development 2008 – Assessing the contribution of bioinformatics, systems biology and biosensors

24 Jun 2008

Date: 28th-30th September 2008
Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Taking place over three days, the conference offers presentations and discussion on new methodological advances in bioinformatics, systems biology and optical biosensors which hold promise for overcoming some of the limitations of current approaches to vaccine development.

Day 1: Bioinformatics and vaccine development
Presentations include:

  • Bjoern Peters, La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology
    "Divide and conquer: New approaches to predicting antibody epitope subsets"

Day 2: Systems biology and vaccines
Presentations include:

  • Anne deGroot, Brown University, Providence, RI, USA
    "Computer-driven vaccine design: From concept to reality"

Day 3: Uses of optical biosensors in vaccine development: from research to QC
Presentations include:

  • Gideon Kersten, Netherlands Vaccine Institute
    "Uses of biosensors for quality control of vaccines and for reducing animal use in vaccine research"
  • Jodi Craigo, Center for Vaccine Research, University of Pittsburgh
    "Vaccination and infection: utilizing SPR to dissect the antibody response"

Participants are invited to submit poster abstracts for any one of the three conference sessions using the online form accessed via the article webpage.