Industry News: Aurora Biomed to Showcase Two New Products at PITTCON 2014

24 Feb 2014

Aurora Biomed is excited to announce the launch of the VERSA 10 Solid Phase Extraction workstation and the TRACE 1800 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer at the PITTCON Conference and Exposition in Chicago, IL.
Join Aurora at PITTCON 2014 (booth #3509) in the release of the VERSA 10 Solid Phase Extraction workstation, a compact automated SPE platform, and the TRACE 1800 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer. With these new instruments, Aurora seeks to continue its tradition of placing state-of-the-art technologies in labs to make a lasting impact in environmental and life sciences.

Efficient Solid Phase Extractions at an Affordable Price

Aurora is excited to announce the launch of the VERSA 10 Solid Phase Extraction workstation. Bridging the gap between throughput and affordability, this compact workstation accommodates complete on-deck automation for extraction of up to twelve samples per batch without manual intervention. Extraction is compatible with either 1 mL or 3 mL column format utilizing a twelve channel positive pressure port to ensure efficient extraction from each column and maximum recovery of valuable samples. The four channel pipetting head includes an integrated tip changer enabling the use of disposable pipette tips, eliminating the risk of carry-over between samples. The VERSA 10 workstation utilizes highly accurate air displacement technology providing the highest consistency between batches while decreasing variability and increasing reproducibility. The VERSA 10 SPE workstation improves SPE workflows by providing consistent liquid handling, minimizing the variability between samples, improving total throughput, and allows lab staff to walk away from complicated multi-step extractions with peace of mind.

Industry Leading AAS Analysis
The TRACE 1800 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer expands on Aurora’s success with previous models with several new features which improve sample detection as well as speed and efficiency of sampling. Aurora’s patented micro-plating sample injection technology enables ultra-trace detection of elements in as little as 50 µL. The low sampling volume provides accurate analysis in situations where sample volume is limited such as biological or pharmaceutical samples. Improving on previous platforms by utilizing fully reflective optics, the TRACE 1800 displays no wavelength discrimination to provide the sharpest image possible during analysis. The light source is provided by an eight lamp platform with precise XY alignment and dual power supplies enabling analysis of up to eight different elements in a single run with reduced time for switching between lamps and more precise lamp alignment than traditional rotary-style lamp turrets. Finally, the 1 kHz D2 background correction and switchable true double beam optics allow for detection limits not attainable by traditional mass spectroscopy.

These instruments will be showcased at PITTCON 2014 (booth # 3509) along with the VERSA 1100 GENE automated liquid handling workstation, the VERSA 110 Micro-array Spotter, the TRANSFORM MW800 Microwave Digestion System, and the LUMINA 3300 Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer. Aurora’s dedicated team of application specialists will be performing live demonstrations of all the instruments during the exhibition to showcase how these instruments will further improve laboratory workflows.