Analyzing endogenous receptors in non-adherent cell lines and primary cells with the CellKey Small Sample 96W Microplate

15 Oct 2008
This application note describes the benefits of using the new CellKey Small Sample 96W microplate for investigating endogenous receptor function in non-adherent cell lines and primary cells. The Small Sample microplate was designed to use significantly fewer cells per well while maintaining the same reliability and robustness as the CellKey Standard 96W microplate.

Primary cells provide the most biologically, and disease relevant context to study endogenous receptor function making them an attractive in vitro model system for drug discovery. However, primary cells can be prohibitively expensive for use in early stages of drug discovery. The CellKey Small Sample 96W microplate has a well-bottom area 1/20 the area of the CellKey Standard 96W microplate and uses a reduced assay volume. This enables pharmacological analysis of endogenous receptors in the context of primary cells at a significantly reduced cell number per well. In the following case study, data obtained using the Small Sample microplate was directly compared to data generated using the Standard microplate. The results demonstrate that the Small Sample microplate is ideal for cell-based secondary screening assays utilizing primary cells.

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