Industry News: Agilent Technologies Supports Healex ChemLaunch to Round Out Chromatography Software Suite

29 Jan 2009

Agilent Technologies Inc. and Healex Systems Ltd. today announced that Agilent now fully supports Healex’s ChemLaunch remote instrument access and control module for Agilent’s ChemStation chromatography software. This, combined with Agilent’s OpenLAB laboratory operating system, provides an integrated software environment for large-scale, distributed analytical labs.

“Now, users have a single point of contact, Agilent, for administering their ChemStation/ChemLaunch solutions,” said Bruce von Herrmann, Agilent vice president and general manager, Laboratory Software and Informatics. “We have a large installed base of this solution, and this agreement will simplify both lab and IT managers’ lives.”

ChemLaunch is a secure Internet/intranet-based system that enables labs to remotely control and monitor usage of a wide range of analytical instruments in a Citrix terminal server environment. These include gas chromatographs, liquid chromatographs and liquid chromatograph/mass spectrometers running ChemStation data systems. Validation costs are reduced, and maintenance and software upgrades can be implemented centrally through the server.

“We developed ChemLaunch eight years ago to help labs better use large numbers of instruments distributed among widespread locations,” said Nicholas Place, president and CEO, Healex. “This new agreement delivers even more value for users, as they now have a single point of support for this Healex/Agilent solution.”

“I am extremely pleased with this relationship between Agilent and Healex,” said Keith Skutt, IT Data Center manager at Honeywell’s UOP LLC, system administrator of an integrated ChemStation and ChemLaunch system. “This means that future releases of ChemLaunch will be fully supported by Agilent and also adds Agilent’s support team to the mix for better support and integration of both products.”

In addition to helping lab managers run more samples without increasing costs, ChemLaunch eliminates the need for a computer at every instrument, further reducing costs and bench space requirements.

The Agilent ChemStation family provides modular software components for instrument control, data acquisition and data management, providing flexibility to meet labs’ changing needs. ChemStation base software can be augmented with add-on modules that include data management/storage, regulatory compliance functions, method validation and control of specific applications.

ChemStation is part of an informatics portfolio designed to streamline laboratory data management. Agilent OpenLAB is a scalable, feature-rich operating system for instruments and laboratory information. It provides a strategy for integrating instrumentation, local data systems and laboratory electronic information into a fully protected, searchable and easily archived system. OpenLAB Business Process Manager helps labs streamline, automate and optimize mission-critical business processes such as Sarbanes-Oxley, 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA and accurately track key operational and performance metrics. OpenLAB Intelligence Reporter easily generates complex chromatographic reports, combining results of experiments within one sequence as well as those in multiple sequences acquired using different chromatography data systems. OpenLAB enables automation of workflows to increase productivity.