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KINOMEscan™ Binding Assays  

The KINOMEscan screening platform employs a novel and proprietary active site-directed competition binding assay to quantitatively measure interactions between test compounds and more...
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ATPase or GTPase Assay Kits  

Feel the need for speed in your lead development time? The Answer – High Through Put Screening ATPase or GTPase Assays from Innova Biosciences. Is your drug discovery program for...
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RediPlate™ 96 EnzChek® Serine/Threonine Phosphat...  

The RediPlate™ 96 EnzChek® Serine/Threonine Phosphatase Assay Kit provides a fast, simple and direct fluorescence-based assay for detecting serine/threonine phosphatases and their...
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LANCE® Ultra Tyrosine (Tyr) Kinase ULight Substr...  

For kinase assays, ULight directly-labeled peptides simplify the assay format reducing the number of components from 3 to 2 . PerkinElmer provides the kinase recognition sequence...
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Thermo Scientific Phospho-mTOR Activation Kit  

The Phospho-mTOR Activation Kit measures phosphorylation of mTOR, a kinase involved in the initiation of ribosome biogenesis and translation.
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