Cell Viability

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BlueScreen HC - S9  
Gentronix Ltd.

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BlueScreen HC uses a single cell strain, which permits 8 compounds to be tested across 8 dilutions (2-fold serial), together with untreated and positive controls, in one 96-well microplate.
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XTT Cell Proliferation Assay Kit  

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XTT Cell Proliferation Assay Kit procedure avoids radioactivity, allows for rapid determination in microplates, and gives reproducible and sensitive results. Measurement of cell...
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Astral Viability Assay Kits  
Molecular Devices (New Milton) Ltd

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 - Optimized to realize the potential of the high sensitivity of CellReporter  - Rapid, straightforward assay package  - Uses less reagent per well compared with other...
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HitKit® HCS Reagent Kit for Cell Viability  
Thermo Fisher Scientific

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The Cell Viability Kit comprises three spectrally distinct fluorophores that label cellular targets to allow assessment of cell health by looking at several biological parameters. This kit...
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