Cell Cycling

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OpenArray® Pathways Mouse Transcription Factors ...  

OpenArray® Pathways are ready-to-use gene panels containing pre-validated real-time qPCR assays. The plates have over 600 assays each and are compatible with multiple sample types. Panels...
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Thermo Scientific iNOS Activation Kit  

The iNOS Activation Kits measure cytoplasmic induction of the iNOS enzyme via activation of one of the many inflammatory pathways.
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Thermo Scientific Synaptogenesis Kit  

The Synaptogenesis Kit enables simultaneous detection of neuronal population, neurite, pre-synaptic vesicle, post-synaptic puncta and synapse using a fixed end-point assay based on...
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Thermo Scientific BrdU and Ki67 Cell Proliferati...  

The BrdU and Ki67 Cell Proliferation HCS Reagent Kits are for simultaneous quantification of DNA replication and Ki67 proliferation marker in the same cell.
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