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OpenArray® Pathways Apoptosis Panel Kit.  

OpenArray® Pathways are ready-to-use gene panels containing pre-validated real-time qPCR assays. The plates have over 600 assays each and are compatible with multiple sample types. Panels...
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MultiCyt 4-Plex Apoptosis Screening Kit  

The MultiCyt Apoptosis Screening Kit is a mix and read screening assay using a unique combination of reagents that allow simultaneous screening of five different apoptosis endpoints per...
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HitKit® HCS Reagent Kit - Multiparameter Apoptos...  

The Multiparameter Apoptosis Kit comprises three spectrally distinct fluorophores that label cellular targets to allow assessment of cell health by looking at several biological...
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Thermo Scientific Autophagy & Proteasome Functio...  

The Autophagy & Proteasome Function: LC3B and Poly-Ubiquitin Detection Kits enable quantitation of LC3B protein on autophagic vesicles and ubiquitin on polyubiquitinated proteins.
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