Monitoring BNP Expression and Cell Size to Determine Hypertrophic Response in Human Cardiomyocytes
28 Oct 2014

High-content imaging assays are a robust and useful tool for phenotypic screening processes used in both pharmacological testing and for drug development through disease modeling. In this application note, iCellR Cardiomyocytes, derived from human iPSCs, were used in an in vitro assay to illustrate detection of hypertrophy via increases in cell size and elevated levels of BNP. These cells have been shown to recapitulate the properties of native cardiomyocytes, and a disease model for hypertrophy was created by inducing cells with endothelin-1 (ET-1). The effectiveness of compounds for reducing hypertrophy was quantified using the automated ImageXpressR Micro High-Content Screening System and MetaXpressR Software to measure BNP expression and cell area.

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