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Hematology Staining Solutions  

Complete range of standard solutions and rapid staining kits. Cytochemical method support. Ready-to-use products. In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices (IVD) registered and...
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10-, 20- and 30-Place Cardboard Slide Tray  

10, 20- and 30-Place Cardboard Slide Tray - Features thumb cut for easy slide removal Heathrow Scientific cardboard slide trays hold standard slides (75 x 25 mm and 3 x 1"). The...
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15-, 40-, and 78-Capacity Slide Holders  

15-, 40-, and 78-Capacity Slide Holders 15-, 40-, and 78-Capacity Slide Holders from Heathrow Scientific hold slides during evacuation, cleaning, and drying. Cut from chemical-resistant...
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High-Quality Microscope Slides  

High-Quality Microscope Slides Heathrow Scientific German Glass slides have smooth rectangular edges, which are ground and polished in a water-cooled process. Each 75 x 25mm slide is...
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Giemsa stain, modified  

Giemsa and May Grünwald solutions are intended for use in staining blood films or bone marrow films. Solutions are for “In Vitro Diagnostic Use.” Giemsa stain is a buffered...
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New Methylene Blue N zinc chloride double salt  

Dye content 90% Basic blue 24 Methylene blue N
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PAS TISSUE-TROL™ from human kidney  

25 slides per box. 1 stained slide is provided with each box. The stained slide has been stained with Sigma Procedure No. 395. Not tested for use in GMS procedures. Suitable for use with...
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Wright Stain for Geometric Data  

Intended for batch staining on the Geometric Data Hemastainer, or similar dip and dunk style stainers. Wright stain, modified, 0.14%, with stabilizers in methanol.
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Wright Stain, Modified  

For dip, rack, and batch staining techniques. Wright stain, 0.3%, buffered at pH 6.8 in methanol. Contains stabilizers and surfactant.
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