Hematology QC


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Acusera 24.7 Live Online  

With the recent launch of Acusera 24.7 Live Online from Randox Quality Control, interlaboratory data management has never been easier. Designed to complement the Acusera range of third...
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Randox Acusera Immunoassay Premium Plus Control  

Covering an impressive 54 analytes including immunoassay tests, tumour markers, therapeutic drugs and Vitamin D in a single control, the immunoassay premium plus control from Randox will...
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Hematology Coulter Cell Controls  

Coulter Cell Controls are whole blood quality control products designed to monitor the performance of Beckman Coulter hematology instruments when used in conjunction with Beckman Coulter...
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Hematology S-Cal Calibrators  

Coulter S-Cal Calibrator is a quick and convenient product designed to simplify the calibration of your Beckman Coulter Hematology system. S-Cal calibrator provides parameter values...
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Customised QC  

Randox is the world’s leading provider of customised quality control materials. For 30 years now Randox have been supplying EQA scheme providers, other diagnostic companies and individual...
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Haematology Control  

Combining 45 parameters in total the new Randox Acusera Haematology control completely covers the commonly tested full blood profile in a single control. Providing a true third party...
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Liquid Assayed Chemistry Premium Plus Control  

Combining assayed values for 100 analytes including routine chemistry tests, proteins, immunoassays, therapeutic drugs, lipids and cardiac markers the Liquid Assayed Chemistry Premium Plus...
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Randox Acusera  

Randox is a leading provider of quality control (QC) materials to clinical laboratories worldwide. With over 350 parameters available in our Acusera range, choice and flexibility is...
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Randox Acusera Coagulation Control  

The comprehensive coagulation control from the Randox Acusera range covers a total of 16 parameters including routine coagulation tests, thrombophilia parameters and factors enabling...
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ALBAcheck® Haem Drift Control  

Haematology control to monitor the precision of automated haematology analysers. Unassayed control for 3 part differential Validated for use on Sysmex and Coulter instruments 56...
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ESR-Chex Level 1 & 2  

A whole blood sedimentation rate control available in 2 levels Level 1: <20% Level 2: >30% Verifies the precision and accuracy of both manual and automated methods ...
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Frozen controls and reagents  

A selection of natural frozen controls and plasma to ensure that your controls mimic your patient's sample.
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Para 12® Plus Retics  

Five-Part Differential Controls For Abbott Cell-Dyn® 3200 , 3500 , 3700 and 4000 instruments Automated and manual reticulocyte values 75-day closed vial, 7-day...
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Para 5X  

For ABX Pentra 60C+ and Beckman Coulter A c • T™ Diff instruments 75-day closed vial, 14-day open vial stability 3.0ml piercable cap vials for automated...
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STaK-Chex® Plus Retics  

Five-Part Differential Control Plus Reticulocytes For Beckman Coulter GEN•S , STKS , MAXM and HmX instruments Automated and manual reticulocyte values 90-day closed...
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Swelab AutoCounter hematology control  

Hematology control for the Swelab AutoCounters
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Thermo Scientific* MAS* Omni·CARDIO  

Consolidates a comprehensive cardiac marker panel with the new generation of STAT analytes including D-Dimer, hCG, Myeloperoxidase and Procalcitonin Value assignment is provided for key...
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