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Biophen Chromogenic Assays  

The BioPhen® line of products is a new line of chromogenic assays, which also includes calibrators and controls.  Many are CE and 510K cleared.
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Enzyme Immunoassays for the Exploration of Fibri...  

The Zymutest line of reagents is a ready to use and complete line of enzyme immuno assay, using 96 well microElisa plates, disposable in 12X8 well strips. The include Calibrators and...
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Immunoassays for coagulation inhibitors  

A line of Elisa kits, optimized and disposable, fully standardized againts the NIBSC standard. A line of CE marked assay, which fit the best your laboratory requirements. Assays...
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Immunoassays for the Hemostasis Factors  

The Zymutest line of Elisa kits are ready to use. Complete line of Enzyme Immuno assays, using 96 well microElisa plates, disposable in 12X8 well strips. Made for the exploration of plasma...
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Stago Reagents  

Stago UK provide routine and research reagents for all Haemostatic needs. We also have a comprehensive listing of control and calibration material together with all of the necessary...
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Tcoag Reagents  

Stago UK are the UK distributor of Tcoag reagents and instrumentation. Tcoag is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stago Group dedicated to understanding Haemostasis and Thrombosis diseases. ...
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