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Platelet Aggregation Profiler  

von Willebrand Assay (Ristocetin Cofactor) Calculates and plots “best fit” standard curve Reports test results in percent activity Stores von Willebrand Factor standard curve for future...
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vW Normal Reference Plasma  

Von Willebrand Factor Normal Reference Plasma is lyophilised plasma standardised using World Health Organisation reference material to give consistent 90-110% of von Willebrand factor...
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Biophen Chromogenic Assays  

The BioPhen® line of products is a new line of chromogenic assays, which also includes calibrators and controls.  Many are CE and 510K cleared.
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Stago Reagents  

Stago UK provide routine and research reagents for all Haemostatic needs. We also have a comprehensive listing of control and calibration material together with all of the necessary...
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Tcoag Reagents  

Stago UK are the UK distributor of Tcoag reagents and instrumentation. Tcoag is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stago Group dedicated to understanding Haemostasis and Thrombosis diseases. ...
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