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Alkaline Phosphatase  

The Alkaline Phosphatase is purified from calf intestine by a method developed in our laboratories, involving affinity chromatography. This enzyme is widely used as a marker enzyme in...
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FAST RED Tablets  

Fast Red is used as a chromogen substrate in immunoblotting and immunohistochemistry using alkaline phosphatase antibody conjugates. Each tablet contains 0.5 mg naphthol phosphate, 2 mg...
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Nitrotetrazolium Blue chloride  

NBT is prepared synthetically. The most common application for NBT is the detection of alkaline phosphatase on western blots. NBT has also been used as a redox indicator for other...
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PAS TISSUE-TROL™ from human kidney  

25 slides per box. 1 stained slide is provided with each box. The stained slide has been stained with Sigma Procedure No. 395. Not tested for use in GMS procedures. Suitable for use with...
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