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PreValidation Services  

Simply the Right Mix - Designed to save you time and worries By combining support from our mixing specialists, our comprehensive toolbox of mixing solutions and a range of trial...
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OncoScan™ FFPE Express 2.0 Services  

Maximize cancer discoveries from FFPE samples with OncoScan™ FFPE Express 2.0 Services. The OncoScan FFPE Express Service offers high-quality copy number and genotype data with whole-genome...
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Cloning Services  

Gene cloning and subcloning of genes into any cloning vector you want - 100% sequence guaranteed.
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Gene Synthesis Services  

Bioneer is pleased to offer our Custom Gene synthesis service to help customers save time and money while improving research results. Gene synthesis is the most cost effective way to...
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Mutation Services  

The fastest and most cost effective way to construct a mutant library for protein structure and function research or to increase enzyme function is to use our Point Mutation Service...
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Agilent Microarray Services  

One-Color and Two-Color Agilent Microarray Services Send your samples for flexible, dual-mode gene expression As a certified Agilent Service Provider, Miltenyi Biotec offers services...
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Genefficiency™ RNA-Seq Service  

A high-quality RNA sequencing service designed to deliver cost-effective and rapid access to meaningful transcriptomics results. The Genefficiency™ RNA-Seq Service from OGT provides a...
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Genefficiency™ Targeted Sequencing Services  

OGT can help you get straight to the variant of interest with whole exome or custom targeted sequencing services. Genefficiency™ targeted sequencing services are designed to be...
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Cell Line Authentication Service  

Promega has partnered with ATCC to offer unparalleled STR testing service for human cell line authentication. This service provides easy access to proven and comprehensive validation...
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