Colony Picking

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Qpix 400 series  

Screening and selection of mammalian clones, Systems based on ClonePix technology are now used in over 100 laboratories around the world to increase workflow productivity, leaving more time...
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K6² - Colony Picking System  

The following system can be supplied as: Colony picking Arraying Micro-Arraying Library consolidation Cherry picking Liquid handling Custom Applications ...
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G418 Sulfate  

G418 blocks polypeptide synthesis by inhibiting the elongation step in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.  Selects eukaryotic cells stably transfected with neomycin-resistant genes ...
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BioRobotics BioPick  

The BioRobotics BioPick Colony Picking System is the ideal automated solution for labs needing to build or manage bacterial libraries of many varieties. Designed with carefully integrated...
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GeneMachines G3  

GeneMachines G3 is a modular system for colony picking and library management. Picking is achieved with a 96 or 384 pin head and compressor for pneumatic picking. A 24 pin librarian tool...
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Automated Cloning System  

4 out of 5

High Throughput (HT) cloning methods have evolved into thousands of experiments being performed routinely by research labs with the aim of improving their drug development process and gain...
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  • After sales service 4 out of 5
  • Value for money 3 out of 5

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EasyPick - Colony picking on the STAR platform  

Compared to manual colony picking, the automated process is faster, more consistent and reliable. Therefore, numerous manufacturers offer dedicated colony pickers which process thousands of...
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Revolutionary technology for the automated selection and isolation of the highest value mammalian cell clones for biotherapeutics and drug discovery In a single step, ClonePix FL...
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