The IP-Star® Compact System: An Automated Method for Efficient, Accurate and Reproducible Construction of RNA-seq Libraries
20 Oct 2014

The pairing of traditional expression assays with high-throughput sequencing (RNA-seq) has allowed the generation of genome-wide gene expression data with unparalleled specificity, throughput, and sensitivity delivering an unbiased representation of the transcriptome. However, full genome transcriptional gene characterization has been partially limited by the complexity and increased time-requirements of available RNA-seq library construction protocols. Here we report the successful application of the Diagenode IP-Star® Compact System for the easy, rapid, and reproducible RNA-seq library construction of five Mus musculus (mouse) samples. Use of the IP-Star® Compact System significantly reduces the hands-on time required and results in high-quality, highly reproducible RNA-seq libraries tailored for Illumina high-throughput next-generation sequencing. The IP-Star® Compact System is an efficient and reliable tool for the construction of next-generation RNA-seq libraries, especially for transcriptome-based annotation of larger genomes or genomes with many alternative gene isoforms.

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