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The ImagePrep is a Matrix Deposition Device for MALDI Imaging in Biomarker Discovery, Drug Imaging and Pathology Research. Reliable tissue sample preparation enables high-sensitivity...
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Magnetic microparticles for clinical proteomics,...  
Magnetic microparticles with dedicated, functionalized surfaces are used to bind specific proteins and peptides. After binding the proteins to the magnetic beads, removal of supernatants...
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Map II  
The Maldi Auto Prep System Our customized 1-channel liquid handler for automated MALDI sample preparation - based on the proven Gilson 215 series of robots. Automated MALDI sample...
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PeakForce QNM  
Unprecedented quantitative characterization of materials on the nanoscale PeakForce QNM® (Quantitative Nanomechanical Property Mapping) allows quantitative nanomechanical mapping of...
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The PROTEINEER fc II enables automatic liquid handling for MALDI preparation of LC separated peptide fractions. By integration into the PROTEINEER suite it automates the Proteomics...
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