Cooling a 10 Liter Reactor Using the JULABO FP50-HL
30 Jan 2015

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Complying with Both EPA Method 1664A or 1664B Utilizing the SPE-DEX® 1000XL/3000XL environmental analysis, oil and grease7 Jan 2015Read
Research-Intensive University Selects Lumenera INFINITY Microscopy Cameras as Imaging Solution for State-of-the-Art Biology Labs digital imaging6 Jan 2015Read
Evaluation of Alternatives to Selectrazyme® s-Glucuronidase Reagent for the Analysis of Opiates forensic toxicology, Opiates6 Jan 2015Read
Conducting Barite Scale Formations in Oil Production Reservoirs crude oil analysis6 Jan 2015Read
Applications of QuEChERS to Unconventional Analytes and Sample Matrices QuEChERS, food testing2 Jan 2015Read
Impact of Cell Plating Medium on Corning® Epic® Cell-Based Assay Performance assay development2 Jan 2015Read
Effect of Lysis Time and Other Variables on DNA Extraction from Fresh Basil lysis2 Jan 2015Read
Insulator Deposition Induced by Gas Field Ion Source (GFIS) Column: Ultrahigh Resistivity and High Resolution with ZEISS ORION NanoFab nanofabrication2 Jan 2015Read
Highly Efficient Lipoparticle Capture and SPR Binding Kinetics of a Membrane Protein Using the ProteOn™ XPR36 Protein Interaction Array System membrane proteins2 Jan 2015Read
Optimization of Wash/Elution Conditions for Automated Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE) of Testosterone from Plasma solid phase extraction, Testosterone30 Dec 2014Read

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