Comparison of Commercially Available Coupling Kits, including Anteo Technologies’ AMG™ Activation Kit using Mix&Go™ technology, for Luminex MagPlex Microspheres
6 July 2015

Luminex® MagPlex® Microspheres may be coupled with antibodies using commercially available coupling kits to simplify development of multiplex immunoassays.  Anteo Technologies’ AMG™ Activation Kit, using Mix&Go™ technology, has been compared to two other kits using covalent EDC/NHS chemistry. This application note gives the example of coupling TNF antibodies to MagPlex Microspheres using these three kits. An immunoassay was then performed using the Luminex® system with the matched detection antibodies and standards.  The method demonstrates the advantages to using the AMG Activation Kit with fewer steps and shorter incubation times.