Quantitation of Human Plasma and Breast Milk Thiamine Monophosphate (TMP) and Thiamine by Applying Impact™ Protein Precipitation Plate Technology with Gemini® 3 μm NX-C18 HPLC Columns
23 Dec 2014

Thiamine monophosphate (TMP) and thiamine were extracted from human plasma and human breast milk by performing a rapid protein precipitation using Impact Protein Precipitation Plates followed by HPLC analysis using a Gemini 3 μm NX-C18 100 x 3.0 mm HPLC column with fluorescence detection. Impact technology offers easy, fast protein removal while providing maximized recovery of the target analytes. The Gemini 3 μm NX-C18 HPLC column produced excellent chromatographic resolution, sensitivity, and high peak capacities.

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