Fluorescent Proteins


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GreenScreen HC  

Gentronix has launched a new, accurate and fast in vitro mammalian cell genotoxicity assay - GreenScreen HC. The TK6 host cells are p53 competent and familiar to most genetic...
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GeneArt® CRISPR Nuclease Vectors  

All-in-one vector system for CRISPR-based genome editing. Transfect, enrich, screen, and publish—using our GeneArt® CRISPR Nuclease Vector Kit. The clustered regularly interspaced...
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Caspase 3 BioSensor Vector pGFP2-DEVD-Rluc(h)  

The pGFP2-DEVD-Rluc(h) vector is an apoptosis biosensor that monitors caspase-3 activity in live cells. This vector contains a fusion GFP2-DEVD-Rluc(h) gene which harbors a caspase-3...
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Codon Humanized pGFP2 C-Terminus Fusion Protein ...  

The codon humanized pGFP2-C vectors contain a multiple cloning site (MCS) located downstream of the Green Fluorescent Protein gene (GFP2) which acts as the Acceptor moiety in a BRET2 assay.
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V2 Vasopressin/b-arrestin kit  

pGFP2-â-arrestin2 Fusion Vector The pGFP2-â-arrestin2 vector, which expresses the GFP2-â-arrestin2 fusion protein, has been designed to serve as the Acceptor moiety in a BRET2...
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GFP Variant Vectors  

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These bacterial expression vectors carry the gene for either GFP (wild type Aequorea victoria green fluorescent protein) or GFPuv (a GFP variant optimized for maximal fluorescence when...
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