Radioisotope Imaging/ Phosphor Imaging


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Cascade® II 1024 EMCCD Camera  

The Cascade® II 102 4 is the only true 16-bit, megapixel EMCCD camera in the world to offer -60˚C cooling without LN2 or water! This high-resolution camera uses its deep thermoelectric...
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EXi Aqua™ CCD Camera  

QImaging's EXi Aqua CCD camera is a multi-talented, user-friendly workhorse that is ideal for the busy laboratory. The camera was designed to support the varied imaging requirements of...
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EXi Blue™ CCD Camera  

The EXi Blue CCD camera from QImaging was designed specifically to support life science professionals who study processes within live cells—delivering fast acquisition speed, extreme...
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Typhoon FLA 9500  

3 out of 5

Typhoon FLA 9500 is a variable mode laser scanner with modular access to the optical components, providing both versatile and flexible imaging for precise quantitation of proteins,...
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  • Ease of use 3 out of 5
  • After sales service 3 out of 5
  • Value for money 4 out of 5

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eXcelon™: Back-Illuminated CCD and EMCCD Detecto...  

Breakthrough Back-Illuminated CCD and EMCCD Detector Technology Sets a New Standard for Sensitivity New eXcelon sensors provide excellent photon-detection capabilities across a wide...
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Photometrics Products  

From high-performance CCD and EMCCD cameras to complete imaging systems, Photometrics products are state-of-the-art and have contributed to the advancement of science and research for over...
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All QImaging Products  

From compact and versatile CCD and EMCCD cameras to filters, software, accessories and micropublishers, QImaging is your one-stop shop for meeting all of your research imaging needs. When...
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