Column Accessories


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Agilent Ultimate Union Kit Connectors  

Extremely low dead volume connections   Frustrated with leaky, hard to use press-fit connectors? Now anyone in your lab can easily connect guard columns or retention gaps to GC columns by...
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Capillary Flow Technology Supplies   

Designed for Capillary Flow devices   Agilent offers a family of GC accessories based on our proprietary Capillary Flow Technology. These accessories increase system productivity and...
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QuickSwap Accessory for Agilent GC/MSD  

Vent-free column removal with the Agilent Capillary Flow Technology QuickSwap module Increase the flexibility and productivity of your Agilent 5973N and 5975 MSD with the Agilent Capillary...
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MOSH/MOAH Standard  

Developed specifically for using LC coupled with GC-FID to accurately determine hydrocarbons found in mineral oils, which can migrate from packaging into food. • 9-component mix contains...
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Novum Simplified Liquid Extraction  

Novum Simplified Liquid Extraction (SLE) (patent pending) 96-well plates and tubes are a FASTER, EASIER, and MORE RELIABLE way to perform liquid-liquid extractions. Novum™ SLE will...
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