He Ionization

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miniPDD Helium Ionization Detector  

The newest member of the PDD family is also the smallest and thriftiest. The miniPDD uses about one fifth (20%) the amount of helium as the D-3 and D-4 versions, giving up only a bit...
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Pulsed discharge detectors Model D-2  

VICI introduces the GC detector where the PDD (pulsed discharge detector) utilizes a stable, low-powered, pulsed DC discharge in helium as the ionization source. The D-2 is a...
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Pulsed discharge detectors Model D-3  

Pulsed discharge detector Model D-3 is designed for plug-and-play installation on Agilent GC's, with models available for the 6890 and 7890. The D-3 is optimized for trace level work in the...
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Pulsed discharge detectors; Model D-4  

Model D-4 a GC Detector available in versions for easy installation on most of the GC's in current use, including the Varian 3800, Shimadzu 14 and 17, ThermoFinnigan Trace, Mega, and Top,...
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