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Agilent Helix Liners   
Benefit of glass wool without the activity      Agilent helix liners approximate the benefit of glass wool without the activity. The deactivated glass spiral gives surface area without...
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Agilent MS Certified Liners  
Tested to highest level of scrutiny   Agilent MS Certified Split and Splitless liners are manufactured and tested to our highest level of scrutiny to assure reproducibility. We have...
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Agilent Split Liners   
Optimal inlet performance      Agilent split liners are made to strict dimension specifications for optimal inlet performance and feature the tightest tolerances for OD, ID, taper and glass...
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Agilent Splitless Liners   
Optimal inlet performance      Agilent offers a complete line of liners for your Agilent GC splitless inlet. Agilents proprietary deactivation is important for splitless liners because of...
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Agilent Ultimate Union Kit Connectors  
Extremely low dead volume connections   Frustrated with leaky, hard to use press-fit connectors? Now anyone in your lab can easily connect guard columns or retention gaps to GC columns by...
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Capillary Flow Technology Supplies   
Designed for Capillary Flow devices   Agilent offers a family of GC accessories based on our proprietary Capillary Flow Technology. These accessories increase system productivity and...
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Direct Connect Liners   
Maximum recovery for active compounds      Agilent's Direct Connect Liners provide maximum recovery and minimal decomposition of active compounds for methods requiring splitless injection,...
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Flip Top Inlet Sealing System   
Flip Top Inlet Sealing System   Agilents new Flip Top Inlet Sealing System is a device designed to allow the user to safely and reliably change an inlet liner in as little as 30 seconds...
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GC Inlet Liners  
Application Specific GC Inlet Liners    ,Br>   Agilent offers its best selling Split and Splitless liner formats manufactured to enhance GC and GC/MS system performance, especially for...
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Liner O-Rings  
Liners are sealed in the inlet with O-rings or graphite seals. O-ring seals are easier to remove and to replace than graphite that deforms and flakes apart. The graphite seals should be...
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QuickSwap Accessory for Agilent GC/MSD  
Vent-free column removal with the Agilent Capillary Flow Technology QuickSwap module Increase the flexibility and productivity of your Agilent 5973N and 5975 MSD with the Agilent Capillary...
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Split/Splitless Inlet Seals   
For consistent, leak free seals      To ensure that you have a consistent and inert surface to properly seal the inlet and prevent sample degradation, Agilent has revolutionized...
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